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Visual Enhancement For The Perfect Teeoff

Golf Eyes is the premier solution for visual enhancement for the golf course.

Designed by an avid golfer/optician who found traditional sun glass lenses restricting and ineffective, Golf Eyes was created to enhance instead of impair vision on the green.



Designed For The Golf Course

With our special four layer system the contrast of the green is sharpened to allow for better visibility of the ball at all times.

The proprietary set of four filters allows for maximum definition on the green, allowing you to see every bend and curve on the course.

A decreased density of color from 85% blockage of light down to
40 % which enabled clear vision in varying light conditions that appear on the golf course, you have bright sun, low light, hazy conditions, dawn and dusk, cloudy conditions.

With our four filter system, your eyes are perfectly attuned to the elements while golfing. This creates far less strain on your eyes creating a more comfortable experiance.

Within the four filter system is layer designed with 100% UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes from any harmful rays the sun send your way.

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