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Frames that Suit your Style

Certain frames fit certain faces best, which means you never know how comfortable a pair will be when shopping online. By coming into The Eye Site you can personally try on hundreds of frames that match your style and ensure a perfect fit.


Our frames with interchangeable temples give you a clever way of changing your style every day… Known and recognised for its revolutionary eyewear system, the Dilem brand is all about letting the imagination run wild.


A luxury brand that is distinguished by its stylistic originality combined with the superior sartorial content of its creations. The strong identity of the Dolce & Gabbana brand has evolved over the years while always remaining faithful to its inherent standards.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and ophthalmic frames in the world! It all began in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a need for sunglasses that could eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the colors of the island scenery. Today, Maui Jim also produces stunning, high-quality ophthalmic frames.

Ray Ban

From the vintage classics to the present-day trendy frames, Ray Ban has always been durable, comfortable and attractive. From celebrities to your friends, Ray Ban is always a favorite.


The Sundog Eyewear approach to integrating different technologies in design and construction results in a higher state of quality that is both functional and innovative. This year represents Sundog Eyewear's most functional collection ever that offers ultimate protection, superior eyewear comfort, genuine performance, and superior styling.

Tom Davies

Some customers know exactly what they want. With bespoke, if we don’t have it, we can create it. Some customers want us to tell them which shapes suit them and what will make them look good. We like to work together to create glasses that fit.

William Morris

In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.


Silhouette glasses combine absolute precision, innovation and incredible attention to detail. From rimless, half-rim and full-rim glasses to sunglasses that provide optimal UV protection.


The minimalistic design is elevated through bold coloration, intricate laser cut detailing, custom design elements, and an array of interesting patterns and textures. KLiiK denmark offers a wide repertoire of styling for the narrow PD clientele with a strong sense of style.


Confidence has no competition, individuality is an expression and style is the personal signature. FYSH eyewear is designed for the strong, ambitious, game changing women who embrace individual style. Combining the latest runway looks with the color trends of the season, FYSH features a vast array of bold colors, intricate patterns, unique constructions and shapes.


The Superflex® collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Frame materials include stainless steel, aluminum and hand-made acetate. Designs range from elegant classics to contemporary for both men and women. All frames are designed with spring hinge temples for added comfort, fit and durability.

Xavier Garcia

Always focused on capturing and conveying a unique brand with personality and authenticity just like the city itself, the company is growing year after year in staff and turnover, exporting its essence and culture around the world through its signature collections. Original and bright urban eyewear with colour combinations and shapes inspired by the city and its constant movement. Eyewear with a strong attitude to please the wearer; people aware of the urban character of a creative, authentic Barcelona.


VANNI pays homage to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born in Milan in 1907. An artist with a mind for technical thinking, founder and inspiration of the family entrepreneurship for generations to come. VANNI eyeglasses were born in Turin in 1990, made to see the world.

Zyl Art

Zyl Art is colourful and trendy. Exciting range of metal and acetate frames. High quality with a great selection to choose from.


Inspired in Japan, the “Mizyake” collection is sure to wet your taste buds for optical style and inspiration. Featuring detailed temple designs, coupled with our exclusive “Laser Cut” design pattern technology, this collection is bound to make an ever lasting impression. This collection is available in both metal and acetate styling.

Easy Clip

Designed for the active person requiring fashionable, durable eyewear indoors and out. Count on your stylish pair of EasyClip® glasses, whether your busy schedule keeps you indoors or takes you out. We have a perfect, durable pair designed for every day. Choose from an amazing array of stylish eyewear for reading, playing, or simply getting through the day.


Fusion Eyewear is recognized for bringing the world of edgy, high quality eyewear together with unparalleled customer service which was a lifelong dream for founder Alan Weisfeld. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Fusion has surpassed Alan’s dreams and is in the forefront of the boutique eyewear industry.


ORIGINAL SINCE 1995! A new level of style and design has been achieved by this collection. The subtle details and innovative color combinations make this line strictly féminine. Be different ! Be unique ! Create your look !


The Soho Eyeglasses Eyewear collection features a slection of plastic prescription ready optical frames for men, women and in unisex styles. Soho Eyeglasses Eyewear come in a variety of fashion designs and shapes, including oval and rectangular.

Nat & Coco

Designed in France, the “Nat and Coco” eyewear collection is sure to inspire your flair for haute-couture, and fashion excess. Featuring innovative temple designs, coupled with new and exciting color combinations, this collection exudes opulence and elegance. This collection is available in both metal and acetate styling.


i. Frame has been supplying top quality original designs to the Optical Industry for the past 20 years. Our dealers dispense fashion and quality before brand names, and spend the time to ensure that you get the care and attention that you deserve.

IC Berlin

We’re ic! berlin. We’re a global group of eyewear designers, craftsman, thinkers, and full-time revolutionaries. Together inside our state-of-the-art industrial space in Berlin’s Marzahn district, we produce eyewear art: with forms and shapes that stand the test of time; in a design language that deeply resonates with authentic living; by highly skilled craftsmen who make beautiful things by hand.


With equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics, EVATIK eyewear for men strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Minimalistic and architectural designs are elevated by the finest materials such as handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, and Japanese titanium. Deep, rich, masculine colors and custom design elements define the collection, creating a polished and refined look for today’s modern man.


Since its launch in 1988, Flexon has changed the world of eyewear with its unique attributes, utilizing Japanese materials and technology. Through the years many have tried to copy it, but Flexon is and will always remain the leader.

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