Well the year is 20/20

Hmmm — Never Saw This Coming — Our New Tagline

As we move forward into this new and sometimes unnerving world, I would like to let you know how we at The Eyesite will be managing the safety of you, our patrons, and of our own amazing employees.

As of Mar 26th , we have scaled our operations to a bare minimum to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We will follow the recommendations of our Health Service workers to stay home while they take care of those in need.

If you are in need of any of our services, we are here to help with limited capabilities.

Given the current societal climate, these are the services we can offer you:

Eye Emergency Triage for Dr. Yee is just a phone call away. Following are considered Ocular (Eyeball) Emergencies;

Flashes and or floaters, recent head trauma, stuff gets in your eyes, sudden loss of vision, sudden onset of double vision, severe eye pain, red eye that has sudden onset pain/discharge/vision change and or light sensitivity. All of these situations are deemed to be in need of urgent care and Dr. Yee will be able to see you with a scheduled appointment.

Now, that leads me to all the other situations that may go wrong over the next few weeks or month with your glasses and or contact lenses.

Contact Lenses as of right now, can be ordered through our website, drop us a note and we will call you back to confirm your order and to confirm where you would like the lenses to be delivered to. There may be a delivery charge applied to this service depending on how generous the companies are moving forward. As to date one company has decided to waive shipping fees.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have your glasses break, we have a fairly robust selection of SINGLE VISION lenses on hand to edge into your frame, or a new frame if required. We can arrange an appointment time for you to be in store while we edge your glasses. We can also video chat to aid the selection and process of things while you are comfortable at home. There are so many ways to make this work.

EMAIL us your needs at eyesiteh@gmail.com to start a discussion