See For yourself.
You Don’t have to look like everyone else just to see properly.

Why is it all the other eye wear stores carry the same brand name frames?
Do they think you WANT to look like everyone else?

Fads and bandwagons are for diets and playoffs – not quality eye wear.

Thatʼs why we offer high quality frames in fun, unique styles. We carry eyewear you simply canʼt get everywhere else.

We shop the world for you. With lines like Dilem, Rayban, Tom Davies and IC Berlin you can be sure that not only will you see as only you can, youʼll look like only you should.

Your eyewear is a fashion statement- itʼs an extension of you. Donʼt settle for the same old, same old. You know how to think for yourself- weʼre here to help you see for yourself as well.

Visit our  Calgary location in the Heritage Plaza on Macleod trail or contact us to schedule your full service eye exams by Dr Melissa Yee.